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TKK Garden Clinker Protect

Product description

TKK Garden Clinker Protect is a water-proof silane/siloxane and linseed oil-based impregnation intended for final protection of mineral porous construction materials, and above all unglazed clinker and brick tiling elements, against water/moisture. Additionally, TKK Garden Clinker Protect refreshes the natural colour of protected materials which thus gain a darker tone.


  • doses 0,8 kg


TKK Garden Clinker Protect is a flammable liquid, which is why it must be kept in warehouses which are in accordance with the regulations for storage of flammable liquids. TKK Garden Clinker Protect must be kept in a tightly sealed packaging, in a cold and ventilated room, away from ignition and heat sources and protected against direct sunlight. In sealed undamaged packaging, the shelf life is min. 2 years from the production date.