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TKK Garden Grassfix

Product description

TKK Garden Grassfix is a multi-use elastic adhesive for fastening, fixing, adhesion and sealing various natural and artificial materials.


For adhesion of various types of artificial grass for the purpose of house yard landscaping or laying various types of grass surfaces (stadiums, playgrounds, atriums...). The adhesive ensures excellent adhesion between the artificial grass of all manufacturers and various surfaces such as: concrete, asphalt, metal, wood, brick, natural stone, ceramics...


  • for internal and external use
  • does not contain solvents
  • does not contain isocyanates
  • excellent workability
  • lets in water vapour
  • stable at temperatures from -40°C to +90°C
  • already resistant to rain two hours after application (at 23°C and 50% rel. humidity)
  • adheres to old and wet surfaces
  • good UV resistance and resistance to different weather conditions
  • can be painted over
  • cures at room temperature
  • simple workability at a temperature between +5°C and +40°C
  • it seems unnoticeable due to special grass colour


  • cartridge 290 ml
  • bucket 5 kg


12 months in a dry place at a temperature between +5 °C and +25 °C, in original sealed packaging.