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TKK Garden Landscaping Foam - hand held

Product description

TKK Garden Landscaping Foam is a grey polyurethane foam, intended for final forming.


  • for shaping artificial stones
  • for repair and assembly of various stone walls
  • for modelling stream and shore simulations
  • for directing water streams and cascades
  • for fixing dry stone walls and small stone walls
  • for assembly and repair of fishponds
  • for various forms of adhesion and filling in cracks around the house, in gardens and parks (as a filling agent, it slows down rotting and possible infection of plants)
  • as a perfect replacement for cement mortar, in which case the works are performed in a quicker, simpler and cleaner manner


  • aerosol doses 500 ml


15 months (from +5 °C to +25 °C), for a short time even in low temperatures (e.g. in transport). Higher temperatures shorten the time of use. Doses should be kept in an upright position.