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TKK Garden Polefix

Product description

TKK Garden Polefix is a two-component polyurethane foam. It is used for installation, i.e. fixing of various wooden, metal, concrete and plastic poles. The foam is smoothed on its own in the recess and by expanding it fills the void between the recess and the pole. After it cures, it fixes the pole.


  • for fixing fences, marking table stands, various signs, garden lamps and mailboxes
  • everywhere we wish to install or fix wooden, metal, concrete or plastic poles in a quick, simple and clean manner

The advantages of using Tekapur Polefix foam compared to cement mortar

  • simple use
  • quick performance of works
  • very good adhesion to various materials
  • saving transport and storage costs
  • resistant to moisture and low temperatures
  • it is water-resistant, since water absorption is 0.5 % at most due to its content


  • plastic bottles (250 ml and 1000 ml)
  • component A 270 g
  • component B 330 g


9 months in original packaging in dry rooms at a temperature from +15°C to +25°C. The polyurethane components are sensitive to moisture. The containers should be kept in an upright position.